As is common knowledge, insurance is a contract between two parties obligating both the insured and the insurer to abide by certain rules and policies regarding the insurance contract. The insurance company is bound by contract to provide the agreed upon services to the insured in case of damage or calamity. If either of the two parties fails to abide by the rules set in the contract, they are convictable by law.

If an insurance company has wronged you by breaking an insurance contract then you can carry out lawsuit against the insurance company under the Texas insurance law. For this it is imperative that you prove existence of the insurance contract at the time of the loss. If you are able to lawfully establish the breach of contract by the insurance company, then you will be given compensation for the losses you have incurred due to the insurance company’s inefficiencies.

When you claim compensation for your losses, the insurance company may try to undervalue the losses or sometimes even deny the authenticity of the claim made by you. The insurance agent at the insurance company at the time of the contract sometimes misrepresents the policies and portrays them as beneficial and adequate in order to satisfy the client and gain their trust.

The insurance agent may leave some loopholes in the contract which are undetectable due to lack of experience on your part. These loopholes later help the insurance company to manipulate the insurance contract policies for their benefit. The insurance agent is obliged to fully explain the insurance policy to you and make you aware of any limitations of the contract but the insurance companies often misrepresent the information and due to such malevolence the insurance company is hence convictable by law of fraud and deceptive trade.

The denial of a claim made by you by law should only be based on the policies of the insurance contact and the usage of any other means based on deceptive conduct by the insurance company is strictly prohibited. In Texas, strict insurance laws exist to protect the insured party against the malice of the insurance companies. If an insurance company fails to respond to the rightful demands of the insured entitled under the insurance policy, the insured party can hire an insurance attorney and carry out lawsuit against the insurance company. In layman terms, if an insurance company does not give you your due rights, you can file a law suit against the company.

In case of partial coverage of the losses or unsatisfactory services provided by the insurance company, you can legally sue the insurance company under the Texas insurance law. Sometimes the insured client may be victimized of discrimination and the insurance company may unreasonably terminate the insurance contract without any prior notification or explanation. The insured, if able to prove such misconduct by the insurance company may attain the contractual insurance benefits as well as the recovery of any consequential damages due to the inefficiency of the insurance company. This means that if an insurance company does not live up to a contract, the law will help provide you justice.

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