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The Best Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe in Cars!

Child safety while driving cars or trucks is an important concern for all parents and should be a primary concern whenever traveling with kids. It is recommended that the best way for parents to avoid accidents and injuries is to know the best ways to properly protect children while riding in cars. Personal injury attorneys point out that this is not limited to the use of car seats and safety belts; it involves other driving habits as well. With thousands of car accidents involving young children each year and all […]

Learn About Proximate Cause – Cause In Fact and Foreseeability

Personal injury lawsuits are complex legal proceedings, typically with a goal of proving who was responsible for sustained injuries. Proof of responsibility lies in determining and showing negligence, which is often a difficult process. Personal injury attorneys look closely at causation, and whether it was cause in fact and foreseeable. Both of these different elements must be demonstrated, along with duty, breach of duty, and damages causation before negligence can be clearly identified.

What is Cause in Fact?

The term ’cause in fact’ is a statement that refers to one party being injured by the direct actions of another party. […]