Oil And Gas Attorneys In College Station Texas

Oil and Gas Lawyers Can Help With Leasing Problems!

Oil and gas leases are something that may not be familiar to many outside the oil and gas industry; however, the leasing process is something every property owner should understand. Oil and gas leases involve a landowner granting permission to an oil or gas company to harvest any mineral deposits contained under their property and for which they are paid as a result. In actuality, there is much more involved than simply signing a lease. There are many experienced oil and gas attorneys who can help clients handle such matters before committing to any type of written […]

Oil and Gas Attorneys – What Do They Handle?

As in other oil and gas producing states, understanding Texas laws regarding legal ownership of such resources is important if ownership is ever questioned. Based on a number of different ownership theories, experienced oil and gas law firms explain that ownership of resources within a parcel of land can become a complex situation. Because of this, it is essential that an owner of resource-producing property in Texas work with oil and gas attorneys to establish their ownership of such property and understand their rights to any resources […]