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Watson Law Firm obtains significant confidential settlement for clients

Watson Law Firm obtains significant confidential settlement for clients in oil field business dispute.

Oil & Gas Leases

Oil and Gas activity is heating up in the Brazos Valley and surrounding areas. Many mineral interest owners are being approached by companies that desire to lease their minerals. Make sure that you are being properly compensated by getting the best royalty rate and bonus.

Texas Oil and Gas Leases

If you are a land owner, whose land has oil and gas reserves then you may consider an oil and gas lease. However, signing an oil and gas lease is easier said than done. Oil and gas leases are delicate contracts that differ from standard contracts involving services of experienced Oil and Gas Drilling Company. It is especially difficult to negotiating leases and resolve associated conflicts. An oil and gas lease is a contract that gives rights to extract and market oil and gas from certain piece of land for certain time specifying terms for exploration and production. Such a lease also discusses royalty, a sum paid to land […]

Texas Oil and Gas Royalties

Oil and natural gas industry is one of the largest industries in the world with great revenues. However with great revenues come immense costs too. Among those costs are finding and producing oil and natural gas, refining, distributing and marketing those refined products. Today’s oil and natural gas industry earnings are invested in new technology, new production and environment and product quality improvements to meet tomorrow’s energy needs. The industry’s earnings are very much in line with other industries, and often they are lower. One of the most significant cost drivers is the royalty that companies have to pay to the land owners. The royalty that is the payment […]

WLF successfully resolves carbon monoxide poisoning case

July 2013 – Watson Law Firm successfully resolves carbon monoxide poisoning case in Brazos County.