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Harris County jury finds in favor of Watson Law Firm client

May 2012 — A Harris County jury awarded Watson Law Firm’s client damages and attorneys’ fees in breach of contract case.  Watson Law Firm successfully defended its client against claims asserted by Plaintiff and prevailed on its counterclaim for breach of contract.

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A contract is an agreement between two parties that is intended to be enforceable by law. In other words, a contract defines the obligations of the parties involved in a particular matter. Contracts help define the basic needs and guidelines of a business and can have major implications, therefore if you are signing a contract it is important to properly comprehend the articles of a contract and fully understand the repercussions they may have. Once you have read and understood the terms of the contract, only then should you agree upon it.

Many people fear that coming up with and signing a contract is a complex process. While this may […]