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Landlords – What Are Your Rental Property Responsibilities?

Landlords of rental property have many other responsibilities besides collecting the rent check. Some of those obligations include paying all bills for the property and keeping the building and property well-maintained. According to experienced accident lawyers, hazards left unattended can create avoidable risks that could leave property owners responsible for any resulting accidents.

Responsibilities – Tenant and Landlord

Lawyers who handle accident claims report that anything that is the responsibility of either the tenant or the landlord regarding property maintenance and repairs should be explicitly written into the leasing agreement. This ensures there will […]

Accidents in the Oilfields – Are Workers Safe?

Certain jobs are more dangerous than others, posing a greater risk for injury and even death. Oilfield work is one such occupation where employees face great dangers. An oil company must do what is necessary to keep the work site and employees safe. Those working in the oilfields must consider the various hazards, and act appropriately to prevent accidents; however, should such an incident occur, seeking the services of experienced accident lawyers is the best course of action to pursue.

Some Interesting Statistics

It is no secret there is a great deal of oil in Texas as […]

Understanding Injuries and Premises Liability

Premises liability is a serious matter according to accident lawyers, something that can affect anyone from an average homeowner to a huge corporation – as McDonald’s Corporation recently learned. In a verdict delivered by a Brazos County Texas jury on July 30, 2014. McDonald’s was ordered to pay $27 million in damages as a result of their knowledge and failure to attend to an aggressive situation in one of its College Station restaurants that eventually left two patrons dead.

Although the deaths did not occur on McDonald’s property, the […]

Where Do Slip and Fall Accidents Typically Happen?

According to accident lawyers, one of the most common and preventable accidents that result in injury and lawsuits today are known as “slip and fall.” A person can be seriously and permanently injured, resulting in medical bills and lost wages that cost both the injured party and the individual or business responsible for the accident. The goal of every property owner should be to prevent such falls and injuries from happening. In order to accomplish this, it is important to understand where and how such incidents occur.

Where Do These Accidents Happen?

In order to avoid the injuries that result from […]