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Are Bigger Vehicles Really Safer On The Roads?

It is common to think that driving a larger, heavier vehicle adds more protection from injury than driving a smaller lighter one if you are involved in a crash. While crash statistics support this statement, what does it mean for passengers in other vehicles? Attorneys who help clients recover from auto-related injuries point out that there is more than one side to this issue, which is sometimes overlooked. Deciding which is better, a smaller car or a larger one, is still a very personal choice, based on need and habits; however, it is good for drivers to understand both […]

Do You Know How Rain Causes Auto Accidents?

Bad weather is a common cause of auto accidents, with rain a leading cause for many of these incidents. There are many reasons why rain ranks as a top contributor in accidents that occur yearly on roads and highways – and some of them may be surprising. To avoid causing a motor vehicle accident leading to property damage and injury, auto accident attorneys remark that drivers must first understand why rain can cause dangerous driving conditions and be prepared to handle any potentially hazardous driving conditions.

Wet Roads and Reduced Traction

Wet […]