When someone is injured in an accident and it is due to another party’s actions, the first thought is to seek the necessary medical treatment to recover and return to normal living. Most injured people may initially deal with the person who caused the injury and then with their insurance company. What happens if the person at fault is unwilling to take responsibility or if their insurance company refuses to handle the claim? When situations like this arise, it is important for injured people to seek out the services of experienced personal injury attorneys to handle their claim for damages.

Value Of Retaining Counsel

Individuals who are involved in an incident resulting in an injury do not often realize the complexities of handling an accident claim – which is why hiring an attorney is a recommended course of action. When injuries lead to physical problems for any extended period of time – or if the accident involved negligence or carelessness by the responsible party – it can certainly turn into a legal nightmare. This is when the guidance and representation by an experienced attorney who handles personal injury claims is essential.

When Legal Help Is Needed

Anyone who has sustained any kind of injury due to the actions of someone else, whatever the circumstances, should seek legal representation by qualified personal injury attorneys. This is especially important in the following types of injuries:

  • Moderate and Severe – These two categories of injury can cause the most damage, incur the largest hospital, therapy and rehab bills, and develop into challenging legal cases. The more severe the injury, the larger the settlement may need to be. Legal representation is nearly always necessary, as insurance companies typically attempt to reduce the settlement amounts to be paid.

  • Disabling or Long-Term Recovery – Injuries that permanently affect the health and income capability of an involved party needs legal representation to seek a fair settlement amount that will cover past and future medical bills and lost wages. Settlement negotiations handled by personal injury attorneys are demanding as there are many calculations that enter into determining a reasonable settlement amount.

  • Chemical Exposure and Product Malfunction – No consumer-oriented company wants to be found guilty of having caused injury to someone. These lawsuits can be very difficult to resolve, as large companies typically have a large legal fund budget for their own protection. If fault is found to rest with a company’s product or service, the settlement could be large and negotiations lengthy.

  • Medical Malpractice – Lawsuits based on medical negligence caused by a doctor, nurse, or some other related entity could be a very lengthy process. Medical law, standards of care, and many other specifications must be examined to determine if malpractice did take place. If it did, then an appropriate settlement amount must be determined and negotiated.

Insurance Company Negotiations

There are many reasons why an insurance company might refuse to pay either a claim or a particular requested settlement amount: policy restrictions or limitations, determination of fault, or disagreement on injury severity are some of the instances when payment might be declined. Cases such as these require a team of experienced personal injury attorneys to review insurance policy language and its applicability to the actions of that company’s insured. When all information is gathered, it must be presented to the insurance company for review and payment – or to a judge and jury to determine an equitable settlement.

Anyone who has sustained an injury that requires medical attention and the involvement of an insurance company should consider discussing their case with attorneys who are experienced in handling personal injury claims. Every state has a statute of limitations as to when lawsuits can be filed, so an initial and early consultation will always be a wise choice to make. A capable and experienced personal injury lawyer can help an injured and recovering victim make the best decision about the handling of their personal injury claim.