Every day, hundreds of people are injured during the course of their daily activity. Fortunately, many of these injuries are minor and require little or no medical treatment. On the other hand, some injuries are significant enough that medical and even legal intervention is necessary. Insurance helps protect people involved in accidents due to the carelessness or negligence of others; however, sometimes it is necessary to involve the personal injury attorneys. Since no one can anticipate such an event, it is a good idea to have a basic understanding of the law when it comes to personal injury claims.

A Brief Overview

Under the law, a personal injury is considered to be a physical or psychological injury that was caused by someone else. The act may have been accidental, intentional, or the result of negligence or carelessness.

A lawsuit is not often filed for every type of injury; legal action is pursued for those injuries that are more significant, have lasting effects, or cause some other type of loss. Legal action can by handled by attorneys experienced in personal injury claims in two ways: as an informal settlement or as a formal complaint filed by the attorney through the court system.

Personal Injury Lawsuits

A person who is unhappy with the insurance company’s settlement offer may want to discuss their situation with lawyers who specialize in personal injury cases. After reviewing the claim, lawyers can advise on whether or not there is a legal case and if so, help the client decide whether a formal or informal complaint should be made.

The statute of limitations must also be considered with a personal injury case. After suffering a loss, an individual has a certain time period to retain a personal injury lawyer and file a complaint. In Texas, that time frame is two years from the date of the injury or accident date. It is always important to know the statute of limitations and when it will be tolled.

Hiring An Attorney

Some events involving an injury can be handled by the injured party on their own with the insurance company without any problems. Under more serious circumstances or when insurance company settlement offers are not satisfactory, it is recommended to seek lawyers who concentrate in personal injury law. There are so many issues to be considered and researched when it comes to the settlement of a personal injury claim that it does take the experience and knowledge of a lawyer who specializes in this area to achieve the best settlement for a client who has been injured due to the negligence of another person.

It is a fact of daily life that injuries do happen. This does not mean that an injured person should have to live with the negative effects of an injury caused by someone else. When proving fault and deciding on responsibility becomes an issue, experienced personal injury attorneys are essential to achieve the best outcome in cases that warrant legal representation. Don’t attempt to handle such issues alone – seek qualified legal help!

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