According to accident lawyers, one of the most common and preventable accidents that result in injury and lawsuits today are known as “slip and fall.” A person can be seriously and permanently injured, resulting in medical bills and lost wages that cost both the injured party and the individual or business responsible for the accident. The goal of every property owner should be to prevent such falls and injuries from happening. In order to accomplish this, it is important to understand where and how such incidents occur.

Where Do These Accidents Happen?

In order to avoid the injuries that result from people slipping and falling, accident lawyers who handle such cases for clients advise that it is crucial for property, business, and even homeowners to recognize the following common areas where many accidents originate and then take the necessary steps to prevent them.

  • Supermarkets, Stores, Malls – Large stores and other public spaces generally use smooth, shiny, durable flooring that is easy to clean and buff that will also take the most abuse. Although the floors do look great, this type of material is known for being very slippery, especially when wet.
  • Office Building, Hotel, and Public Building Interiors – Tile, marble, hardwood, and other luxurious materials are other types of flooring frequently used in buildings. All of these materials have the potential to be slippery under certain conditions.

  • Walkways, Sidewalks, Home Interiors, Etc. – If there is a floor, then the possibility exists that someone may trip, slip, or fall while walking on that surface – even inside a home. Floor type, condition, cleaning products used, etc. can cause a person to take a tumble while walking and be hurt as a result.

Why Location Is Pertinent

The dedicated accident lawyers who deal with many cases where people fall and are injured note that such incidents can happen because of another person’s carelessness or negligence. Location is important in these incidents as it dictates who is responsible for maintenance and safety for these areas. Property or business owners must take the necessary steps to prevent such mishaps.

Preventing Falls

As referenced above, most slip and fall accidents are avoidable, so those responsible for maintaining public areas must take the necessary steps to prevent them. After cleaning or polishing a floor, signs should be displayed warning of slippery surfaces. If there is water on a floor – whether from a leak, rain, etc. – it must be dried and signs posted. Floor mats and other non-slippery surfaces should be used to prevent falls. Cracked flooring, uneven pavement, or similar condition that may cause someone to trip or slip should be corrected.

The above hazards can be efficiently handled; however, it can be easily overlooked, which is how accidents happen. There is no foolproof way to prevent all incidents, so being aware of potential risks can certainly reduce the likelihood of both an accident – and an ensuing lawsuit.

Anyone who has been injured from a slip and fall accident, whether at work, at home, or any other place, should discuss their case with lawyers who handle accident cases who are experienced in handling such cases. Those individuals and companies that at risk for falls happening can gain a wealth of information from these attorneys on how to avoid such hazardous situations – and avoid costly lawsuits.