With millions of drivers on the road today, auto accidents are something faced by nearly every driver – and next to impossible to completely avoid. It may be helpful for those driving cars on our roads and highways to understand why such accidents happen and can be done to prevent them. Lawyers who are experienced in handling auto accident and working with insurance companies across the country agree that many auto accidents are indeed preventable. Learning how to prevent such accidents should be the goal of every driver.

Common Auto Accident Causes

According to recently collected data, up to 95 percent of all automobile accidents are in some way caused by driver behavior combined with another major factor, such as equipment failure, road condition or design, or driver error. Auto accident lawyers know these factors don’t cause accidents; however, when combined with driver error or risky driving, an accident can result. Following is information about common accident causes.

  • Equipment Failure – Equipment failure is often due to improper vehicle maintenance by the owner, especially with brakes, tires, suspension and steering. Failure in any of these systems can lead to some of the accidents that happen today.

  • Road Design and Conditions – Although some drivers claim that an accident was caused by a design flaw in the road, auto accident lawyers generally discover that the driver was still at fault. Unsafe driving conditions such as wind, rain, snow, or ice on overpasses can contribute to an accident, in many cases such conditions were underestimated or completely ignored by a driver who drove too fast for such conditions – and had an accident.

  • Driver Error – Both equipment failure and unsafe driving under poor road conditions are examples of driver error; however, there are other, more obvious examples as well. Lawyers who investigate and handle auto accidents advise that distraction is one of the main causes of driver error leading to crashes. Texting, talking on the phone, eating, listening to music, or adjusting things in the car are all distractions that can cause a driver to take their eyes off the road or lose concentration.

Preventing Auto Accidents

For those drivers who think that having an auto accident is not within their own control, such belief is basically unfounded. External factors such as weather, roadway condition, and road maintenance are beyond a driver’s control, the fact is that it is how drivers react to such conditions that contribute to accidents as well.

Common sense driving is essential to avoid damaging auto collisions. Drivers must anticipate the possibility of an accident when conditions are poor and drive with caution. Obeying the speed limit is essential; however, it is even more important to reduce speed when faced with such bad conditions. Auto accident lawyers advise that being alert in heavy traffic is critical, as is refraining from aggressive driving and other risky road behavior. This allows for more controlled driver decisions and less unpredictable driver reactions.

Drivers must understand that even when certain things are not within their control while driving, there are many things they can control. Exercising such control is what helps prevent accidents. Sometimes an auto accident is unavoidable, even with the best of drivers. Anyone who has been involved in and injured in an auto accident should seek the help of devoted and experienced auto accident lawyers to discuss their situation.

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