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What You Should Know About Texas Homestead Laws

Homestead laws exist to help prevent people from losing their homes and other personal property in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Texas property owners are afforded certain legal protection against seizure of their homestead in qualifying cases. These laws, which are well known to experienced real estate lawyers, protect homeowners against loss of their property from a forced sale brought about by creditors. Homeowners seeking such protection must understand the stipulations and expulsions that apply to Texas Homestead Laws before assuming they are covered.

Following are some basic guidelines regarding how these laws can help people, although

The Best Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe in Cars!

Child safety while driving cars or trucks is an important concern for all parents and should be a primary concern whenever traveling with kids. It is recommended that the best way for parents to avoid accidents and injuries is to know the best ways to properly protect children while riding in cars. Personal injury attorneys point out that this is not limited to the use of car seats and safety belts; it involves other driving habits as well. With thousands of car accidents involving young children each year and all […]

Are Bigger Vehicles Really Safer On The Roads?

It is common to think that driving a larger, heavier vehicle adds more protection from injury than driving a smaller lighter one if you are involved in a crash. While crash statistics support this statement, what does it mean for passengers in other vehicles? Attorneys who help clients recover from auto-related injuries point out that there is more than one side to this issue, which is sometimes overlooked. Deciding which is better, a smaller car or a larger one, is still a very personal choice, based on need and habits; however, it is good for drivers to understand both […]

Learn About Proximate Cause – Cause In Fact and Foreseeability

Personal injury lawsuits are complex legal proceedings, typically with a goal of proving who was responsible for sustained injuries. Proof of responsibility lies in determining and showing negligence, which is often a difficult process. Personal injury attorneys look closely at causation, and whether it was cause in fact and foreseeable. Both of these different elements must be demonstrated, along with duty, breach of duty, and damages causation before negligence can be clearly identified.

What is Cause in Fact?

The term ’cause in fact’ is a statement that refers to one party being injured by the direct actions of another party. […]

Do You Know How Rain Causes Auto Accidents?

Bad weather is a common cause of auto accidents, with rain a leading cause for many of these incidents. There are many reasons why rain ranks as a top contributor in accidents that occur yearly on roads and highways – and some of them may be surprising. To avoid causing a motor vehicle accident leading to property damage and injury, auto accident attorneys remark that drivers must first understand why rain can cause dangerous driving conditions and be prepared to handle any potentially hazardous driving conditions.

Wet Roads and Reduced Traction

Wet […]

Landlords – What Are Your Rental Property Responsibilities?

Landlords of rental property have many other responsibilities besides collecting the rent check. Some of those obligations include paying all bills for the property and keeping the building and property well-maintained. According to experienced accident lawyers, hazards left unattended can create avoidable risks that could leave property owners responsible for any resulting accidents.

Responsibilities – Tenant and Landlord

Lawyers who handle accident claims report that anything that is the responsibility of either the tenant or the landlord regarding property maintenance and repairs should be explicitly written into the leasing agreement. This ensures there will […]

Trucking Accidents – How Do They Differ From Auto Accidents?

Accidents of any kind that happen on our streets and highways can be devastating and affect many people. Accident lawyers deal with cases that pertain to many different types of accident causes; however, those that involve heavy trucks have significantly different results than many car accidents. There is the potential that this type of collision can cause more injuries or damage, which often makes them a more complex legal case. Anyone who is involved in an accident with a heavy commercial vehicle needs to understand the importance of retaining qualified truck […]

Wrongful Death Claims in Texas – A Perspective

When someone dies as a result of another person’s negligence, this may be classified as wrongful death. Determining all of the possible variables that can exist with wrongful death cases can be very confusing. Working with qualified and experienced wrongful death lawyers is a wise choice to make.

Who Can File A Wrongful Death Claim?

Wrongful death lawyers state that in general, wrongful death claims are reserved for those who are statutory beneficiaries of the deceased. This includes spouses, children, and parents.

What Can […]

Accidents in the Oilfields – Are Workers Safe?

Certain jobs are more dangerous than others, posing a greater risk for injury and even death. Oilfield work is one such occupation where employees face great dangers. An oil company must do what is necessary to keep the work site and employees safe. Those working in the oilfields must consider the various hazards, and act appropriately to prevent accidents; however, should such an incident occur, seeking the services of experienced accident lawyers is the best course of action to pursue.

Some Interesting Statistics

It is no secret there is a great deal of oil in Texas as […]

Settling A Personal Injury Claim – Long Term Injuries

Personal injury lawsuits can be complicated, depending on the circumstances as well as the type and severity of injuries sustained. A particularly challenging part of these cases for personal injury attorneys is dealing with long-term injuries that are either ongoing or are not apparent until some time after the initial incident. The ability to claim certain long-term or permanent injuries and obtain an appropriate settlement can depend on handling an injury claim as early after the causing incident as possible.

Long-Term and Permanent Injury Claims

A person with an injury that requires ongoing medical treatment or causes extended pain and […]