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Heir and Beneficiary – What Is The Difference?

Estate planning, especially concerning probate law, requires a careful understanding of the definitions and laws that pertain to the legal transfer of property as desired by an estate holder. One inquiry wills and probate lawyers often receive is to explain the difference between an heir and a beneficiary. Understanding this difference is essential because each is viewed differently by the law. Before attempting to draw up a Trust or Will, it is essential for the person planning their estate to discuss these […]

Planning For Your Family’s Future With an Estate Attorney

Many individuals do not like thinking about planning for their death; admittedly, it is a difficult subject to deal with. However, estate planning lawyers highly recommend that everyone create an Estate Plan which includes a Last Will and Testament as well as a Living Trust if necessary. There two legal documents are different and each is beneficial in its own way. To fully appreciate the value that a Living Trust can provide, it is important to discuss these arrangements with estate planning attorneys who can provide

Important Information About Mineral Rights in Texas

Texas land is rich with resources such as oil, natural gas, and various other minerals. Because of this, property ownership in Texas is subject to numerous oil, gas, and mineral rights laws that may affect the property on which these resources are found. Mineral rights laws can be complex, leaving property owners confused about ownership and access rights, and numerous other areas of concern. It is important to discuss such concerns with experienced oil and gas lawyers, or mineral rights law firms when land is known to […]

Texas Probate Attorneys – Helping With The Probate Process!

The state of Texas is a probate state, meaning that a personal estate must go through the probate process after a person’s death. Probate is the means by which the state legally recognizes a person’s death, and approves the disbursement of their estate. It is a course of action that can be lengthy and complex; so seeking the help of probate lawyers from a respected wills and probate law firm can help make the procedure less confusing.

Residential Real Estate Lawyers – What Is Their Role?

Real estate sales are detailed transactions, requiring extensive legal documentation. While real estate agents are trained to handle most of this, it can benefit a home buyer to also use the services of real estate attorneys. The services of experienced residential real estate lawyers can help buyers negotiate tricky matters as well as avoid unforeseen legal difficulties on many levels. A home is often the single largest purchase a person will make in their lifetime; working with

Estate Lawyers – Explaining Living Trusts!

Preparing for the future is an important topic for anyone who owns property and wants to be sure that ownership is passed to the correct individuals when upon their death. A Last Will and Testament and Living Trust is perhaps the best way to accomplish your goals and avoid probate in some cases. Living Trusts are especially important in circumstances where a person owns property with natural resources. Due to potential complications that can result from ownership of land containing natural resources, it is important to contact estate lawyers to establish a Living Trust.

Oil and Gas Lawyers Can Help With Leasing Problems!

Oil and gas leases are something that may not be familiar to many outside the oil and gas industry; however, the leasing process is something every property owner should understand. Oil and gas leases involve a landowner granting permission to an oil or gas company to harvest any mineral deposits contained under their property and for which they are paid as a result. In actuality, there is much more involved than simply signing a lease. There are many experienced oil and gas attorneys who can help clients handle such matters before committing to any type of written […]

A Will – Why You Need One in Texas!

Although thinking about one’s death is difficult for most of us, having a will prepared is one time when you need to think about the future for the sake of your loved ones. It is unfortunate that many people die without having made arrangements for the handling and distribution of their estate, which can lead to complex legal issues over the disposition of their property. This is particularly significant in Texas, and frequently involves the work of probate lawyers to help settle an estate when an individual dies without clear, legal documentation about its disposition.

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Oil and Gas Attorneys – What Do They Handle?

As in other oil and gas producing states, understanding Texas laws regarding legal ownership of such resources is important if ownership is ever questioned. Based on a number of different ownership theories, experienced oil and gas law firms explain that ownership of resources within a parcel of land can become a complex situation. Because of this, it is essential that an owner of resource-producing property in Texas work with oil and gas attorneys to establish their ownership of such property and understand their rights to any resources […]

Estate Planning – Important Facts To Know In Texas!

Every person has an estate – and the disposition of that estate once they have passed away is something that should be thought about and planned ahead of time. Since most people find estate planning confusing, it is a good idea to seek the services of experienced estate administration lawyers to draft a plan for the effective distribution of your estate in Texas.

What Is An Estate?

An estate is much more than a physical residence or parcel of property, although these items can be part of a person’s estate. Essentially, an estate […]